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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hi, i am not sure if everyone is having this issue, but..... i do have the love/hate relationship with the popular girl around me. I am not the popular girl around my friend and i think my friend consider me as
'the sampat girl next door'
But seriously, not being popular make me zelous at people all.... the time.

The - cindy - girl

She is typically the girl that everyone loves and says she is kind and nice. I might not have the opportunity to interact with her, but if she saw me she will come and talk to me at the first place. I mean, helloooo~~ she TALKED TO ME AT THE FIRST PLACE ???
And then at this situation i become the bad person already lor, because she already taken the first move mar. FML
She has nice long hair, very classic/neat face features and always look neat and classy. Moreover, she is high in both EQ and IQ , kids and ah gong ah ma just love her. WTF ???

p/s: i always think this kind of people damn hypocrite, because she always speak so nicely and damn positive to everything (i.e. taiwan model Lin Chi-ling) .

Her name is normally Regina, Gergina, Serena, Cheena, Shauna, Banana, Dimana, Nana, Disana, etc.
And i hate them, because she seems to have the perfect curl in her hair, the Jimmy choo i love, the Armani biker's jacket with Ralph Lauren jeans and the perfect necklace. Although at some occasion she still take that fugly LV, i still zelous her, because she just OWN it.She might ignores me, but i will keep staring at her and observe everything she has......
Everytime i saw her, 'GLARMOUROUS' by Fergie just pop out in my head.....

I mean, WAKE UP, though i dislike LV & GUCCI a lot, but i just know i couldn't afford, and if i own it (though it's fugly), people will just look at me like REGINA.

Overall, if either of them appear in some place, people will just whisper things like:

"Noh ~~ she is that REGINA/CINDY lor, from _____, her father is (datuk/ceo) _____''
"OOOH, she is the one you told me last time one, i remember my friend ____ knew her and she told me she was very ______ last time one leh "

Does this conversation looks familiar to you ??

p/p/s: I just couldn't find a picture of me describing how the-Cindy-girl and the-Regina-girl feels like. I couldn't pose like how they did, that explains why i am just not the popular girl in school.....or everywhere else.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


so happy, it's CNYThe precious pot in my house. I thought it is almost impossible to get this pot, but my mum says it is still everywhere.

My calligraphy, I am so proud of it lor. But obviously more practice lo.
The ugliest 黄梨饼 (pineapple cookies ??) i ever seen lor. The courage of giving it as a gift to someone else is soooooo .... COURAGEOUS ??

BTW, the next Michael Jackson, and he is ASIAN !!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The fact is....

三毛说: 某些人的爱情,只是一种“当时的情绪”。如果对方错将这份情绪当做长远的爱情,是本身的幼稚。

莎士比亚说: 再好的东西都有失去的一天。再深的记忆也有淡忘的一天。再爱的人,也有远走的一天。再美的梦也有苏醒的一天。该放弃的决不挽留。该珍惜的决 不放手,分手后不可以做朋友,因为彼此伤害过!也不可以做敌人,因为彼此深爱过

三毛说: 一个朋友很好,两个朋友就多了一点,三个朋友就未免太多了。知音,能有一个已经很好了,不必太多,如果实在没有,还有自己,好好对待自己,跟自 己相处,也是一个朋友...

亦舒说: 无论怎么样,一个人借故堕落总是不值得原谅的,越是没有人爱,越要爱自己。


刘心武说: 不要指望,麻雀会飞得很高。高处的天空,那是鹰的领地。麻雀如果摆正了自己的位置,它照样会过得很幸福!

张小娴说:不要在爱情结束后,把那个你曾经爱过的人到处指责,将TA说的一无是处。没必要的,既然留不住心,不如留下那份感情的纯洁度,蒙了尘,也就减损 了回忆的价值。



1.做 一个爱笑的女孩子。
3.高兴,就笑,让大家都知道。悲伤,就假装什 么也没发生。
4.在不违背原则的情况下 对别人要宽容 能帮就帮 千万不要把人逼绝了 给人留条后路。
5.快乐最重要,谁人、何物、何事 使你快乐,你就同他们在一起。何物让你不快乐,你就离开他。没有条件,创造条件也要离开他。

6.不要老在别人面 前倾诉你的困境袒露你的脆弱。
10. 要漂亮,更要有气质。

12.因为爱过,所以慈悲; 因为懂得,所以宽容
13.自己选择的路,跪着也 要走完。
15.没有十全十美的东西,没有十全十美的人,关键是清楚到底想要什么。得到想要的,肯定会失去另外一部 分。如果什么都想要,只会什么都得不到。

17.两个人 同时犯了错,站出来承担的那一方叫宽容,另一方欠下的债,早晚都要还。
19.自己不喜欢 的人,可以报之以沉默微笑;自己喜欢的人,那就随便怎么样了,因为你的喜爱会挡也挡不住地流露出来。
20.对自己好一点,心情不好的时候,什么都 别考虑,去吃自己爱吃的吧。

22.不要停止学习。不管学 习什么,语言,厨艺,各种技能。
24.不要太高估自己在集体中 的力量,因为当你选择离开时,就会发现即使没有你,太阳照常升起。

26. 即使输掉了一切,也不要输掉微笑……。
29. 不要轻易许下承诺,做不到的承诺,比没许下更可恶。
30.不要觉得不了解也会有爱情。在不了解的时候,我们仅仅是喜欢,达不到爱情。当彼此的缺点 暴露出来以后,很多时候这喜欢也就会结束了。

Thursday, February 11, 2010


....and not so good fashion advice

It's a 2in1 fashion. In case you need to visit all the 3gu6po at the day and then valentine at the night AND you got no time to change your clothes in between. I think the first set (left) is more like a JIPUN KIA fashion that i often see in JIPUN KIA magazine lor.

ADVICE: Not everybody can wear high waist (only if tall enough), if you insist doing it, make it no higher than your belly lor. Some really kiasu ah lian make it high like near the booby, and fucking ugly lar.....

The 2nd (center) and 3rd set is quite normal (i have something like the 2nd set). But having some accessories make it looks humble yet fashionable.

These are 'so-me', i love all these dresses. You can see how these dresses are sooooo simple, but the price, NO CHEAP!! f*** designers

These are even easier, idea for newbies who are going to uni soon, like my sister.
ADVISE : Simple, classic, clean, easy, and refer to Geum Jan Di (BOF). AND !!! Prepare a lot of converse's sneakers like i do.

p/s: support ballet pumps, ballet pumps ROCKS !!!
p/p/s: 'JIPUN KIA' originally derived from
p/p/p/s: These outfits are quite expensive (Again, F*** designer), next time i might do some really cheap combination as reference :D

The beauty or the healthy

When one says a successful lady should be healthy and beauty at the same time, do you believe it really can? So is beauty first or health first ? It is like the same question of 'egg first or chicken first' lor.

They say true beauty comes from the inner part, but if you are not pretty, do you people even bother looking you ?? Guys, ask yourself honestly ...............

I am not saying not-so-pretty lady will not have friend, they just take longer time to have friends.

Do you think you look pretty therefore you are healthy ? Or do you feel healthy so you're pretty ? Relate this to shoe-fashion. You wear heels and they make you pretty and sexy but they are not healthy.

I hate wearing heels, seriously, I am more of a health-conscious person. I KNOW, I SOUND HYPOCRITE rite ??

Heels are not only unhealthy, it's also uncomfortable for daily activities and I don't feel good wearing heels. I have to walk all the way from house to bus station and walk around the school everyday leh, what do you expect from me?

I understand that heels give most ladies really really good figures and sexiness (claimed by a lot of my heels' friends as an excuse to wear heels) But to be honest, I never ever have any friends whom I think would look good with heels, i.e. to look natural with that shoe. There are too many biological factors on how heels hurt you that I know many girls are avoiding to read. (because me too!!)

SERIOUSLY, are you trying to FIT IN the shoe or are the shoe trying to FIT IN to you? The price of high heels is short-term beauty and long term health.

P/S: I remember playing Wii-Fit all the time and this artificial trainer will always say: It is important to take good care of your bottom body as it supports your upper body. After all, isn't it so true, except if you walk with upper body lor.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The art of bitch - fight

I had a bitch fight with my sister just now, it started this way:

We had our facial together, and while doing all the masks and i suddenly thought of bitch fight and thought i might put in my blog. So back at home, she somehow started this topic and I told her my opinion. Then she suddenly said 'i might as well put it in my blog'. I replied 'NO.....I thought of it first, you can't' ..... therefore, bitch fight happens lor, damn TULAN.

Typical bitch fight:

  • 2 female have to participate
  • normally start with topic like jealousy, boyfriend, popularity, copycat, material stuff that she-has-i-also-must-have.
  • so if the other participant is really daring enough and bitch/scold in front of her, she will tell her friend 'YOU KNOW WHAT, THE OTHER DAY I WENT XXX WITH XX, AND THAT BITCH, XX CAME AND BITCH WITH ME, I MEAN, WHATS WRONG WITH HER LER??'
  • Normally one of the participant will start to say things waaaaay back and said things like 'LAST TIME SHE DID LIKE THAT TO ME AR, I ALSO CAN TOLERATE LEH, THIS TIME, NO WAY, DAMN TULAN DY LOR !!!' Then the other will keep continue with incident waaaay back to bitch back
  • one participant commented on how the other participant has really really ugly and cheap fashion taste.
  • With blog now gaining more popularity, it is a good tool to bitch about too. Things like 'do you even have a life ??? what's wrong with you ??' is quite common to see in the blog
  • Things like 'WALAO EH, EVERYBODY ALSO HATE HER LOR, SHE THOUGHT SHE VERY PREETY MEH, ASK HER TO LOOK AT MIRROR LAR, SHE DAMN VAIN LEH'. This happen to both participant, because they both also damn vain lor
  • But, no matter how they compare between themselves (i.e. boyfriend, fashion, popularity, etc) they will never compare their school result lor, why ar ?
  • One participant will tell their geng things like ' YOU KNOW AR, THAT DAY I WENT TO XX, I SAW THAT BITCH WEARING XXXX WITH XXXX LEH, WALAO, DAMN UGLY LAR'
  • When one participant remain silent and do not want to bitch back, the other participant will tell their friends things like 'SHE DOESN'T DARE TO BITCH BACK ME BECAUSE SHE IS SCARE OF ME/ SHE KNOWS I'M RIGHT MAR'
  • Participant always think they are the right one and the others are the wrong one
  • I also realize bitch fight participants also rolled up the sleeve of uniform lor.......
  • If any of their friends tell them not to make things big, the participant will says 'AIYA, XX, I TELL YOU, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ONE LAR, SHE IS CROSSING THE LINE ALREADY. IF ONE DAY AR, SOMEONE DID this AND this TO YOU LAR, YOU CAN TAHAN ANOT???'
  • There's this person at the middle one (also don't know she/he is good or bad) tries to send the message to the participants. Although these participants BITCH very loud, but they never dare enough to speak face-to-face, therefore, this middle one should exist in order to continue the drama.................................
P/S: advice to participants: the more you hate someone, the more you are like them

Monday, February 8, 2010



My first sucky photoshopped pic, even this kind of work takes me whole boring afternoon to do. If u are pro enough to see all the flaws, esp. the forehead.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hair !!!

Most people know my hair is virgin, never dye, never perm, never curl (u name it) . I only tried to put some hair styling products with it, and it is like once in a blue moon. Because i always like the original color and style of it, whenever or whoever tells me i should dye my hair so that it looks like who and who (Esp. some bosy hairstylist), it doesn't shakes me at all.

Until i saw these awesomes:

Hello ??? They are cute to maximum lar. My sister and i were someone who are ready to be cheated by creativity (who doesn't, even my mum too). We literally sat at the floor at Watson and discuss which one is cute.

And my favourite obviously comes to..........

This looks so freaking Serena-ish lar.
But of course i did not buy it lar, because i don't think i am ready to do any change yet. And since i am rational enough to know they are the Manga characters and not real person, i will not be like them for even 0.000001%.

Except if next time i might jump into Manga and transform myself like this.

P/S: these characters were designed by Ai Yazawa from Nana ( i guess most people know that).
p/p/s: I can now blingalised my pic, so happy !!! (=.= lame)

the school about sex

i remember i once talked to my mum some of my banana's friend (english educated) were all the way from girl school since kindergarten(like my sisters), and they look like they were so panic when talking to guys and they were literally step back when the guy approach them. I obviously laughed at them and say them SUAKU (behind them).

I myself was in a girl school during my high school and UNISEX primary school. And obviously during high school i did become a bit conscious because i did not had much chance to talk with guy like NORMALLY. Nobody cares about my primary school because who will be conscious about the girl-girl-boy-boy stuff back in primary leh??

So in my uni life there were obviously a lot of guys in my school and that does not matter me until when we sit altogether (girls and boys) and i had to chat with guys like i talked to girls, OPENLY. Sagittarius were claimed to have a good relationship with opposite sex. But i wonder, how 'good' can 'good' be ?

Do every girls just tell the guy they had period pain like how they tell their girl friends? Because i never do that. Or am i the one who are sensitive to this kind of situation.

Or....maybe most girls just feel comfortable when talking about sex in front of guys ?? Because i find it super awkward lor.

Given this hypothetical situation:

Boy : hey, are you still virgin
Girl : owh, yeah, i am, how about you?
Boy : really? i find it very surprising
(and it goes on and on)

This is obviously a super sensitive things to talk with guys.

A best friend of mine,R finds it very surprising that i am from girl school and says she will never send her kids to this kind of school. She said it is weird to do that. But does single sex school has any different from UNISEX school ? She personally find it quite comfortable to talk with guys about all these stuff as long as it is not too disgusting.

I can't deny our school were somehow claimed to be the hiao girls' school. But i know not everyone are hiao in there (well, at least not me). Does that mean if we put this hiao group in the UNISEX school and they will no longer be hiao ? Or put some normal girl from UNISEX school into single sex school and they will then be claimed as hiao ?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I remembered i watched SATC movie, Carrie and Mr.big is sort of not getting married and Carrie is kind of sad, and she asked her gfs "would i ever laugh again?" and Miranda answered "yes, you will, when it is getting really really really funny". And Carrie did laughed out loud and Charlotte 'accidentally' poo on the pants.

And i shall tell you, this stuff is not really related for what i am going to show you, but in case you are a bit emo and feel like getting a laugh and do not know what to do, you might as well watch it:

p/s# can you believe i've been watching this video for more than 8. (i guess) Because i saw this video when i am in the climax of doing research back in uni. And i actually watched it in library with headphone and many people were walking around, i had to keep my laugh really hard in case i am the weirdo

I should blog about it

The attitude of 'hah, i should blog about it' just get so freaking sickening, isn't it ?

Could someone just simply tell me how do you keep so up-to-date with the blog ar ?

p/s: It's my mum's b'dae, she bought me a one piece dress (weird lor) which i initially recommended it to my sister.....

p/p/s: this is my first photoshopped pic :D See that lil star beside my finger, thanks to my sucky skills