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Thursday, March 25, 2010

let's face the fact, ok?

This entry is specially dedicate to sherilynn, who has the same problem like me.... all the time...

Although i don't like to think myself as a fat and try to keep positive about how i look, there is still circumstances where i'm still fat in some way. In another word, i'm not that kind of girl who will be considered as SKINNY. Though there're some 'nice' people around me saying i'm not fat....still, shut up bitch, i am not fat, but i am not skinny.

To keep a skinny yet healthy body is not easy, it's lotsa shitty talk. And when i mean shitty, it is really SHITTY, K? I realise no matter how much i try to control my food, i am still feeling heavy with my body, y? Because there's alot of shits in there. Even i only eat 1 meal p/day for 2 weeks and i din't shit for 2 weeks, the shit is still in my body. Therefore, learning how to shit is freaking important. One of the best way i tried is to eat banana and drink milk in the morning. It works on me :D Banana is a food with high calory, don't eat it at night but early morning when you just wake up. somore banana&milk give you this 'i'm full feeling'. So if you are like me: uni classes doesnt start early and wake up around 10 or 11, milk and banana for breakfast so that you can skip your heavy lunch. Sometimes i have cereal too in case i have all my classes straight for 5-6 hours. And these foods help you to concentrate in your class. (seriously!!!!) I'm pretty sure you can shit smoothly with this way.

Apetite !! you have a big apetite like me? Every time when i go back from m'sia to perth, i couldnt finish half the plate of food in perth. Y? because m'sia food amount damn small and i'm used to it dy, where my apetite is really small. But after 3-4 weeks in perth then only i use to the amount in perth, WHICH IS NOT GOOD, because i stretch my apetite !!!!! Therefore, learn to control the amount you eat, when you think you can have another plate of rice, stop it !!! rememeber SKINNY BITCH KNOWS WHEN TO STOP. By keeping your apetite small you can eat less and still feeling full and then you will stop eating too much.

SUPPER ?? in m'sia, i know mamak's food nice and therefore supper becomes a ritual. In perth, no mamaks, but winter makes you super easy to hungry. How?? one of the best way i find is to eat super nice vege. Recognise which vegie you like (i love bak choy and lettuce and broccoli in perth) and store them in your fridge, when you feel like having supper, take this to boil with water (don't fry or cook with oil). You obviously have to get the vegies you like lor, if not you will feel tortured with these, k? Try not to eat fruits because fruits have very high sugar level and not easy to digest at night. Vegie are not, they are healthy and nice. You can add small amount of salt/soy if you want in case too tasteless. In my case, i don't because i love the original smell. With this methold, my fried said she hate it, because she get boring with it lor. But i reckon it depends ............

Sports ?? You know how from time to time, people will say this sport is good, because it is @$%^*%^*& and that is very good for ladies because it helps !@$^^*&( and don't do that because it is #$&^(&*#^@%. Trust me, do your favourite sports, don care them lar. There's no sport in this world that is unhealthy. Doing your favourite sport makes you want to do it again and again rather than feeling tortured. Seriously.....i hate swimming but i have so many swimmers in perth, but i still never swim. Give yourself excuse to have more physical activities I.E. walk stairs when you can use escalator, stand when you can sit, walk more when you can drive, walk even more when you can walk short cut. Thats what i do in perth, i never want to get a car because i've a chance to walk. But the thing is m'sia weather is too hot and sweaty :( But learn to use stairs more often, k?

KONONYA .... keeping healthy lifestyle.... too hard for me.... as my life is always v messy. But learn to do your best to keep your dining time consistent.

Afterall, i should say slimming down to your ideal weight is not hard, simply eat less and exercise more. But keep your weight consistent at all time is hard, that's about commitment already.

Enjoy dieting, not tortured yourself lor. I don like how people say 'only eat vege without oil for 2 weeks can slim down 8kg leh' SHUT UP LAR, bitch !!! i will sometimes award myself with slightly fatty food (like pizza) around 2-3 times a month but still keep the amount less. Eat more meal with small amount but don eat one meal with big amount.

PS : everyone has their own way to diet happily, you should try them but if you find not v effective or you don't like it, don't do it. It takes time to get the method that you like. My friend thought some of my method sucks and vice versa for me.

Below are one of my best friends method on shitting (some of the stuff is in aussie only..)

亲自传授快乐清肠减肥法(Ronny自创!) 2010-03-12 23:04 (分类:默认分类)

首先是一个所谓的地瓜清肠餐,地瓜的确是好东西,又好吃。。于是我很13点的去买了很多地瓜。。。按照指示吃了一天,亲娘来,那个感觉哦,一肚子的地瓜,感觉人也变成地瓜了,看到地瓜就恶心,问道味道就想吐了--0 后来实在吃不去了。便便倒是没有(*&¥%##((……+~ 到了晚上悲剧发生了,我的肉瘾犯了,满脑子都是鸡。。。眼镜都绿了。。这个感觉太恶心了--0 大家别试了。。。

然后呢是所谓的喝水清肠法。。。我试了一下下。。后果非常悲剧!那个该死的人想出来的!我靠!喷的我到处都是。。。早上起来喝水时我的习惯,本以为多喝点没事的,后来喝下去那个难过啊,貌似还有气也被我喝下去了,然后就一不小心喷了--0 喷的到处都是。。。我diu!鼻子都喷。。(额。。。文雅文雅。。。)该死的!别试。。。如果你想学杰尼龟可以试试看。。。。

最后呢~就是我觉得最好的清肠法了。。。按照我的调查,虽然不是所有人都适用,但是应该是70%的人都没有问题的。。。之前呢~随便吃什么,也不用太清淡。。。然后呢和一些朋友呢快乐的聊天,然后买一种很好喝的饮料。。。。。。。冰咖啡。。。澳洲的同志们这里看啦!!!买“Chill“~ 最好是iced coffee,mocha也ok~. 记得要冰的哦~ 然后呢~就一边聊天一边喝吧~记得要喝够量,最好500ml~ 其实没有多少的,因为很好喝啊~喝啊喝啊就喝掉了~ 接下来呢,就快乐的聊天吧,不要去想它。。。过一会会儿。。。你就!@#¥%……)——&%#@了。。。保证厕所跑死。。。曾经我和TOM小兄弟跑了一天的厕所,而且是大约15分钟一次~ 而且屡试不爽。。。(我现在都不敢碰那个饮料的--0)


By the way, this post is written when i am suppose to do my assignment, but i think this is one of the 'assignment' where i should give priority to.... SO, GOOD LUCK. and i don fucking check my grammatical error lor because i want to do my assignment liao, buh bye