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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Semester

It a NEW NEW semester on WINTER :D

I am officially a SECOND YEAR UWA PSYCHOLOGY student., sounds senior enough ??

time is moving so fast, shooossh...shoooosh...

Remember that time when i got my offer letter from UWA, so young, naive... Was super happy that time, because is not easy for me to get an offer letter with such Uni lar. Proud for myself, i guess my parents is proud of me too

Winter now, my new day with new winter look.

My looks include :

-Fake hermes but really comfortable scarve from Korea

- NEW top from sportsgirl, it's a discounted top, since i am facing some financial issue :(

- Jay jays skinny jeans (the only place i can get jeans at perth)

As i wasn't very familar with winter when i was back in malaysia, i realise there are few MUST DO stuff during winter time

- Drink hot Bubble tea from northbridge with FRIENDS
- Wear super comfortable winter clothes. There are people out there who doesn't do that, so sad, wearing shorts/miniskirt (without legging) when out there is like 7 degree. GOSH !!!
- Drink hot milo/ovaltine when doing revision or with a movie....
- Sleep at 5pm... wake up at 9pm
- If possible, hot bubble bath :D
- Wear (designer) boots
- Put your hand in the pocket ALL THE TIME
- Hug your friend

These are my MUST DO lar, but i think depends on country. Like UK with snow, u can play snow war, but with Perth, winter isn't that bad if there's no raining and storm. I was feeling very uncomfortable when i first arrived perth, but today, winter wasn't that bad for me after all.

Happy winter everybody

p/s## Happy summer for other countries .....

Friday, July 17, 2009

kikki. K

Went shopping yesterday night, and saw this really awesome OUTLET :D
Check out my favourite productS
Receipt Organiser

It has pocket for each page to insert all the receipts.... really useful when move to a new house. Have been thinking stuff like this to organise all the billings, and now they just make it...SMART

Weekly Planner

The ultimate weekly planner, AKLTG peeps will find this really useful..... Was thinking to buy a few back for my sisters :D (sister, if u like this pls tell...i din buy it in case u don't need it)

The dinner party book

Not really useful for me, but i guess is good for those who host party very often. You can simply note down stuff and notes to organise party i.e. foods, location, people, etc.

Photo album

A super cool... and again SMART photo album. You can have your own captain with the photos.... It just makes me to get my hardcopy photos rather than keeping in the hard disc.


A diary with your own 'picture of the day'.... It doesn't have date, which mean you can start at any day you like. Love this a lot, simple, classic and yet creative :D
p/s : i am not doing advertising for this company or whatsoever . All of the products aren't just nice but really useful for everybody depending on your needs. Well, organise your day with all these :D You can get it for yourself or gift for besties :D

Friday, July 3, 2009


I finally change to a new skin, the theme is like QUEEN lar. Basically like 'i am the queen, ruin my blog, u are so dead' thingy. 'The queen in ME' is from my sister 'the hero in me'. So, i should credit her. *clap clap*

It takes me ages to choose a blogskin that i want (or perhaps something that will represent my identitiy) . So probably 'Queen' is so far the best one lar *hohohooh*. Beside, i am wondering is that all blogskins only use up 3/4 of the 'blogpage' which leave 1/4 wasted? I have no idea how to do it, so any of you know, please teach me :D. Because u know how xiaxue's page is so fully use and look so rich :D *i am an environment friendly person, i don't like to waste stuff*

This time, i edit the whole blogskin by myself, without my sister, since i am always feel damn sick to look at whole lot of HTML *sigh* SINCE it is a very boring, school-less, job-less, human-less (housemate is back to china) that's why i am willing to spend the whole afternoon with channel 1o and the laptop to do all this craps


*drum roll*


i am not sure if M'sia has it, but i already saw it at Nedlands cinema