Planets Sun Sun Sun

Saturday, November 21, 2009


i am back, its hard to convince myself to keep writing blog. It is just so-not-me lar. Someone could have tell me how did she/he keep writing blog in any circumstances. By the way, back to Malaysia, and then i have thoughts :

- i want to learn sewing, but with limited resources , i couldn't ....
- my sister, is going to face the scariest thing, HER MAJOR AND HER future
- when i see people had really bad language skills ( and u know what i mean) while writing blog and damn (eksi) proud with their own language skills AND still like 'i-am-so-famous', you just feel like leaving message to scold them, i wanted to.... so much, but i believe in KARMA, how now ???
- i wanted to go BALI, but i am worried if it is too pack with tourists