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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Using my bb to blog, still trying out new stuff and playing around. Now I know why it's called smart phone........ But I kinda miss my nokia in some way..... Especially the one I give to my sister.

Back to the business, this post was inspired by my sister's post about charity.

You know how some girls are trying to 'help out' just to get attention (sorry if I offended someone). And they'll like 'oh...... These kids are so ...... Pity'. I get kind of annoyed when someone around me try to sounds so...... Pathetic. I mean, come on lah, the victims are already pity enough, must you keep emphasize on it?

It's just like if I fall down on the street and then out of nowhere someone I know suddenly hold my hand and keep asking if I'm ok and said things like 'this must hurt u rite.' Then I've to speak awkwardly like 'I'm fine, don't worry, thanks for helping'. What's worst is when you bumped into her another time, she will ask again if you are fine. And if suay suay there's another friend around, she will repeat the story again about how you fell down at the street.

I know I'm so out of the title, but it's like the orphans knows they are pity and things like that, they just don't need you to tell them

And when she met other guy she had a crushed on, she will keep telling the guy how poor are the orphanage or the dog or the cat are........

But sometimes thinking twice, it doesn't harm anyone for them to borrow 'doing charity' to get attention because it's a win win situation; the victim and the attention seeker.

P/s: I just realize I can't upload picture using bb, thought you will miss me. 
p/p/s: i actually edited again using lappie because i am still trying to get used to bb .... cheers

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yeok Ho was Here

Layout in progress.
Might be finished in a week or two or three.

Bear with all the retarded edits...

Fremantle prison

It's was the most creepy place I've been. Because .....
The first thing i saw was

 So creepy and gross right ? 

Fine, back to business. It was so far one of the best tour i've been. It's a tunnel tour cost aud49, which is quite expensive i think, but totally worth the price. 
Camera wasn't allowed because you have to pay to see those stuff, not through my blog.........which is not really true, mainly because it was a tunnel tour and it was very wet and muddy down there. 

We begin with introduction and hisotry of the tour. Mainly about how they get the water (because of the tunnel) and blah blah blah....not really concentrate with the hisotry part and like fremantle prison was one of the oldest prison. If you want to know more probably just go wiki it. 

Then we had to dress up like some kind of mining worker.... 
little bear, ronny, me, jay

And we had to climbed the stair all the way down to the tunnel, i can't remember how tall was that, but was tall enough to scare me. But the safety preparation was too good that it was impossible for me to fall. 
When we were down the tunnel, we have to keep bending down because it was real low.

This is like a trial before we went down the tunnel to be familiar the height down there. But obviously it was very uneven since it was built since.....idk how long. So for like first time, Ronny was very happy because she was very short and she had the advantage of not bending too low like all the other ang mohs.

During the trip down the tunnel, the tour guide explained to us the history and how it was built, etc. Then, the best part was on the boat. 2 in a group on the boat, and it as like really low and very narrow 'river'. We don't even need the 'stick' to row the boat, instead, we just need to use our hand and push the wall nearby to 'row' the boat. Jay was sitting in front, so he was the one who did the hard work to row the boat, while me trying to observe anything creepy around.

The tour guide was funny one. Trying to make the trip really fun and not boring, He keep asking us to challenge his 'music knowledge' and see if he can answer us, which turn up he can't most of the time. -____-

Tour guide Tristan & Ronny
While we were down the tunnel, he wanted all of us to quiet and listen what was above the tunnel. And then there was this guy who said car, which was right. Meaning it was road above us. The tour guide asked us to be quiet again, and then we heard the car passed by and he said 'that's a honda', which was sooo................. cold. 

After the tour finished, we were given a certificate... so sweet. My certificate is still with Ronny =.=

But the funny thing is little bear's name was printed wrongly like GuZhang..... which was Ronny's family name lah ....

p/s: Pre-order the ticket online before joining the trip because the seats are very limited and only 12person for one trip
p/p/s: we were late for the tour because....... i wake up like really late and we had to take our brunch. And it was raining that day causing me not having the mood for the tour, but it still ends with heaps of fun.
p/p/p/s: It was a real challenge for me because i am afraid of height and water. I was basically shivering while going down the stair and thinking how far did i need to go more, but it wasn't that far as i thought. No point lor, young mah, must do something challenging :D

Friday, August 27, 2010


Blackberry wins the fight ... no.... Whiteberry actually

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iphone vs. blackberry

This is how it started:
ip = iphone
bb = blackberry

ip:i am sleek and sexy, but you are so ugly
bb: But Obama uses me oh, how ?
ip: so what, i own most apps among so many phone.
bb: but your reception sucks, you are the first phone which can do everything but calling
ip: but my camera is awesomeness and i can make video
bb: i have QWERTY keyboard while you...... (used 2nd finger to point iphone)....have sucky keyboard
ip: but you are so ugly and so rude to take you out
bb: but steve jobs is always wearing the same clothes
ip: but everyone is qeueing up overnight for me
bb: but you will explode .... though unintentionally, but you still explode
ip: you don't have nice games like me
bb: but your battery life sucks
ip: but blake lively love me
ME: *gasps*
bb: but ...helloooo.............xiaxue love me to max, so does cheesie and audrey 
ip: still, i am super sexy with super cool apps......

And the fight goes on..........
this Friday, if the Whiteberry bold 9700 is available, blackberry is mine,
if not, its not.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Wahahhaa, so cute ar !!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Natrual vs. Plastic

I talked with my friend about modern beauty and classic beauty.  My classic beauty favourite is .........
ta dang ~~
 Audrey hepburn (as non-asian) and Rosamund Kwan (As asian)
Audrey Hepburn was everyone's love, so i'm not going to elaborate how gorgeous she is. She was perfect back in that time, and i believe she is still perfect with today's view of beauty and probably in the near future.
And when it comes to modern beauty, it's like 
no one i can think of.....but

Angelababy  is the only one i can think of who can represent the new age beauty.Like next time my daughter ask me who is the gorgeous back in my time and she will definitely be the answer. Because i will ask my mum this kind of question

Although she is plastic. But i can't deny it is near to perfection.No one i know including dawn or SNSD or 12390873489237649837 of Korean are this perfect.

there are this group of people out there who trying to said she is fake because she is plastic. This kind of people are either a: female who is ugly and don't even want to dress up themself OR male who is just plain loser. (but majority are female, zelousy or wat) I never expect anyone today to have the 'plain beauty' anymore, because everything is emerging, how the fuck you ask everybody to resist from make ups and beautiful dresses. With the courage to do plastic surgery is ..... ihavenoideahowtoexplain...... I myself give total salute to this kind of people, to the successful one and also to the epic fail one. If getting plastic is not painful, i might just fix and nose and neck, but then i guess i just do not have the courage to do so loh.

Back in my mum's time, you tie two ponytails and wear a damn kolot outfit is nothing if you've got the angel face. But now, dressing up is like part of learning, you just don't stop doing it. Because women's power i getting stronger, dressing up is also to represent how much you enjoy your life and being successful.

The matter of 'dressing up' is forever, past, present and future. Because Audrey wouldn't wear pyjamas to red carpet.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The thing about sex

Someone just told not having sex before 23 is actually risky, as if she is trying to encourage me to have sex (ehem). Being raised in an extreme traditional family, (or at least most people think it is 'extreme traditional', while i feel very comfortable with it) i hardly talk about sex with my parents. The only time i talked about sex with my mum was because i want to understand more about breast cancer, and she was generous enough to share her knowledge with me

I hardly raised the topic about sex with my friend, unless they touched on it, i will consult those 'experience' ones for the sake of general knowledge. This doesn't mean i hate sex, in fact, i am very open with it, and i think it is very important as a human being. I remembered i ever signed a note back in high school about not having sex before getting married, i know it sounds lame for some people, but i think it's my own promise to myself in some way.

Knowing some teenage out there trying to get rid of their virginity ASAP, because being virgin = loser. But sometimes just learn to be like Blair,  just do it for 'the one'.(In fact, i think that's the best part of GG that teaches teenage not to have early sex) In contrast, i had friend told me they know someone who give their virginity to someone they don't really love, because she doesn't want to feel sad if she break up with the one she loves, which make sense too !

And sometime ago, i read an article about one teenage girl will stay virgin until she married, because of her promise to her dad. Ummm....probably everyone thinks differently, but i think staying yourself clean should be for yourself but not other. But after all, if one is not strong-minded for him/herself, relying your belief on others should be fine as long as it helps to reach the purpose, rite?

Most people doesn't take sex seriously, because CONDOM is 99% save rite? I mean 99% is a strong figure and it gives you a good reason to have sex. Statistically, you still have 1% of chance to get pregnant, and you will defense and said 'it can't be that lucky'. But if trying to put this in probability, does that mean out of 100 time you have sex, there will still be 1 random chance you can get pregnant. And hey, how many time you had sex before you get married again? Also, are you sure you really use condom every time you had sex, and are you sure you condom is not broken (another random chance of bad quality from the factory ?). Because based on some friends' experience, out of 10 times of sex, there were 2 times that the guy decided not to use condom. 

I don't mean to persuade you to have sex or not, because that's totally your own life. But i think there's something to think about before, during, and after having sex.

I think underestimating the chance of getting pregnant is like car speeding. First you speed like you are so safe, but when accident happen, it is always too late to make any explanation or amendment.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New layout

Yeah, New layout dy, not really my favourite lah, just a temporary one.
The previous one was so distorted in every way.
Probably will ask my sis to make another one when she is free

And one more, when most blogger say their initial purpose of writing blog is not to earn money, hmm, if i write blog is to earn money, is there any problem ?? 

Monday, August 9, 2010


The thing....i am suppose to do my climate change reading but i ended up sign up for nuffnang. It happened this way:
(abit boring, because I've nothing to blog about)

I was reading chuckei's and Daphne's, they were saying how they earn money from nuffnang and never take money from papa and mami, which was good and making me feel effing guilty. I am already 21, and i still take like ALOT....

So i decided to start applying nuffnang instead of keep asking people how nuffnang work. Then realise someone should help me to design a new layout as i am very sien with this layout already (also happen to have lotsa problems with it)

If u happen to be one of my secret reader, can you see the nuffnang header at the top ?? because i can't see and i am still trying to figure out how it works....

p/s: I'll disclose myself more by posting more personal posts and photos when i've more secret readers lah.
p/p/s: also when i've a better phone or I realise i will bring my cammie more often

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Silent mode

Sometime nice stuff just doesn't need comment, because i just can't find the word to describe my feeling, it was beyond awesomness