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Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog about it

Can someone actually teach me how to write blog, i always have a lot of intention to write blog or having some occasion where i will take pic and tell me sis 'i will blog about it' and end up doing nothing, because :

i am lazy
i don like to share my private life with people
i don like to show you how i look
i am really lazy
i really really don like to know how's my life going
and i really really don like you to know how i look

i really duno, HOW?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Random thoughts ©

welcome to new blogskin ~ THE ONE AND ONLY ONE, created by my sis. Believing that she will start to threat me to do everything with the excuse of 'i created your blogskin' FINE ~~~
ok, now,
Random thoughts ©

  • after coming back from Bali, it is not like what i thought, but it is pretty unique in some way. And my cousin and i made a promise, the next time we go (with friends) we will surely wear pretty summer dresses and sandals and posing with all the hiao poses with pretty flowers on hair :D
  • Neopets, i am back with lovely neopets, hoping i will keep playing with with daily basis ..... so that my pet is not suffering .. hopefully (u can add me with serenerin)
  • i had my first caligraphy on red paper and i am pretty excited, so far, i think i did a good job with less than 2 months of learning. Hoping to write a few more and paste it around the house for CNY. As a chinese myself, i am pretty into chinese art compare to western art. I wanted to learn chinese drawing and more, but i am also interested in getting western art as well.....i will talk about these later :D
  • Few of my close friends in malaysia seems to be stepping on better path and i truly support them in many ways , FIGHTING and KAMBATEH for them
  • after watching boys over flower, i am preety hook up with everything about Korea, seriously, its not like i am a korea wanabe or what, i am just liking the things there, like how i will study japanese, etc.
  • i am pretty sick of going back to perth, for the sake of dealing with alot of stuff in perth, the house amendment, banking issue, etc.... URGGh~~~