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Friday, October 22, 2010

Something random: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

I know I told you I am going to show you Ronny's birthday pic rite? one gave it to me yet. So this post is super random just to keep my reader(s) busy :D

p/s: I didn't do this myself

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you love ..... (for girls only)

This question was asked by Ronny long time ago but it popped out it my head just now and decided to share it in my blog

Only for leng lui to read ...........

You met this rich guy who is soooo effing rich and he basically bought you everything you need and want. And he loves you a lot, and treat you really good. So, you were so touched by him and fell for him too. So both you decided to get married, he suddenly told you he is actually very poor, he can't even feed himself daily. He actually borrowed the money from everyone else to approach you, but he still love you no matter how, which is true. But he is sincerely sorry for lying to you, he said he can't provide you with luxury life or even a proper meal everyday, not even a proper wedding. He gives you one week to think about it.

And after one week, would you still forgive and stay with him, or leave him ?
(Scroll down after you got the answer for this one)

So this time, a poor guy approached you, he is that kind of guy who can't even buy a car, and then could only afford to eat Mcdonald once a month. For that rare opportunity, he actually take you together with him for so-called romantic date at Mcdonald. He tried so many way to make you fell for him. So you think he is kind of cute and you fell for him. So suddenly, he told you he is actually very rich. He had his own chauffeur and butler and everything. Worst is, he owns 80% of KLCC. He felt so sorry on lying to you and he didn't mean to do that, he still love you a lot. He actually take down the whole KLCC just to say sorry to you !! He gives you a week time if you still can forgive him.

Now, would you forgive him ??

How was your answer for two alike but actually different scenario. Now you know how naked is the reality ?

The phrase of 'love him not because he is rich, because he loves me' is not true. And I actually get annoyed when people said that. Why is that the rich couples' love always outshines the other, it seems like money built a pretty strong relationship with love, and yet people say 'they are together not because of money'.

Not trying to say you love someone is ONLY because of money, my point is, money is a factor, is a big factor, as big a LOVE, but it is not the main factor. Money and Love both take 50% in your relationship, trust me !!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

To blog what I am going to blog later.

I mean, that's what some blogger do right? They have a blog post specially dedicated to the next blog like 'will be blogging my sex night with my boyfriend yesterday ' , and that's it =.=

So I am here to tell you 'Will be blogging about Ronny's birthday, check it out ' (waiting for the photos)

Wore this necklace yesterday with my maxi since I bought on ebay for like ..... more than a year, thinking it might be too big, turned out not so bad. And someone stupid thought it is 'Belinda' instead of 'believe' >.<

'Believe' - after all, this is what I need.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear reader/follower, so sowwy for abandoning my blog, this and next week will be super busy because it's the end of the semester. Still struggling with my aircraft traffic control report..... so fed up with it. Anyway, tonight is Ronny's birthday party, but her real date is on 20th, but then still excited. I can't get drunk tonight because have to continue study tomorrow :(

The thing is i promised myself will finish my report by tomorrow, so sucky....not even half done.

My temporary doggie found an owner. Not being a dog person myself (nor any of my housemate), I am kind of sad. I don't want to blog too much about my feeling to this dog, but I don't think I am ready to have any dog in any way, it's too sad to see him leaving. But then the owner is my friend and I don't think he will treat him too bad.

Awesome dog - dou dou
(Have you seen any Jack Russel that is cuter than him)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boring max

My blog so boring because it's so not bimbo. No pictures, no designer collection, no interesting meet up, busy school life, no interesting food......gosh, you name.

At the mean time, share some crazy pic of me and my housemate, Sarah & temporary housemate, Erin.

So effing fat now, fine !!! Summer coming, hate it so much.But the thing is I will wake up early during summer.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Am suppose to do my psyc policy report but end up feel like blogging. (So sien with this opening)
I have a confession to make....

That is, I realise I like to criticize people more then giving compliment. I didn't criticize like in front of them, but kind of secretly telling my friend, or another way, saying it in my blog. Another way was like when I have slight dislike to that person,  and then if happen another person also told me she kind of doesn't someone, i will normally end up chatting with the person like how we dislike someone, which then end up from dislike to hate. (This is kind of psychology effect, where outsider's comment will increase your dislike to something through discussion )

So like it's note easy for me to like someone for no reason if I don't really know someone well, I give me criticism then compliments. Then it was very hard to switch back to good. I am not sure if I really dislike that person or just because of jealousy. If someone at my age can do thing better than me, and then I think she/he doesn't deserve to have this, I kind of hate them. In a way I will find excuses on how they got into this way. Like parents' paying off their credit card, because she has a rich boyf, etc.

The most common one was because I myself have this advantage to study oversea and it was most of people's dream to have this opportunity, but then when I go back M'sia and realise my friend are holding things like LV, or wateva gucci bag, I will get the 'uggggghhhh' feeling secretly. And then I realise I jealous them for the wrong reason, because I better a future then them, in a wiser way. (let me praise myself la, ok)

I know at this stage you will tell me not to bother other people. Thanks for that, I am learning to do that.

With my parents' smart choice of giving up N amount of chanel bag, and trying to pay off my school fees, I am glad to be their kids. Because with their choice, I normally get a wiser compliment other  than 'your bag so nice, how much did you buy' (and then someone whispered at my back like 'she must be damn rich, look at her bag), I enjoy being knowledgable, sharing experience with my friends, and able to talk with someone knowledgble freely, as well as being grouped as a 'wise' rather than a 'rich' group, and I don't even need to say a lot of wise phrase to show that I am wise

Ok la, not that I am really wise or what, I am still shallow, still want to wear whateva Serena wears and things like that, but what i want to say is jealousy happened to me, all ~~~ the time, i don't like that feeling. Although sometime I will tell myself like 'so what with a Chanel bag, it doesn't bother me at all', but I am also learning to balance my own feeling thinking those are just some stupid representation.

Oh....wait.... why am I here now

Oh ya

What I wanted to say was I am not sure I dislike those kind of people is because i think they are pure brainless or because I jealous them with their designer stuff. Because you see, chanel bag had a great history, and it seems to associate with wise people, but then i saw some brainless people (or in my opinion lar) taking it, acting to be wise. So I am very confuse,

- are they really wise, and just because of my personal judgmental problem, I hate them by acting wisely because I am not wise enough (and then I thought I am wise or WTF), hence the feeling of 'JEALOUSY'

- because they are just brainless and I am really wise

Probably I should stop doing this and learn not to bother other people problem

Shit lar, this is probably my crappiest post ever, I don't even know what kind of conclusion I have made, but I reckon the keyword are like:


P/S: please criticize me kao kao lat
p/p/s: just tell me am I the only one who had this kind of weird things going around my head

Friday, October 8, 2010

Choose two



Everytime I saw any pretty girl I will tell my mum she must be stupid. (Because that seems to be the norm) But then she will scold me for stop saying that, and then I tell her if she is pretty and smart, she won't be very happy, i.e. won't have a blissful marriage life. 

You agree with me? You better agree...... Since this is the first theory I form in my life. And you can find someone who has this three together, tell me, and I will violate my theory.

Consider I have decent looking face, and not so smart brain, I reckon i will be happy  next time.

Wasn't really happy with my result, sometime I just have no fucking idea what does that tutor mean by a 'good essay', my mark is like a roller coaster, effing emo.

I know I didn't update my blog, sowwwyyyy, so effing busy.

P/s: Pretty, as if naturally, no plastic surgery
P/p/s: Smart as if .... high IQ, or..... just smart lah
p/p/p/s: Happy, as if she herself is happy, not like everyone reckon she will be happy