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Monday, May 24, 2010

picture-less post

See, no picture again. I just finish my super fagging big 2500word lab report that is worth 60%.... so happyy...but tomorrow is stats test. With this 60%, i think i did my best, hopefully can get high high lar .... one more thing i realize i din't put scatterplot in there, is that serious??

It takes up to 17 pages to print out, first time write so long one. And, i can say bye bye to EEG dy..wait, presentation on wednesday, SHIT !!

ooh, i am partially free on wednesay 12 !! so happy, but all my friends is not free till thursday, i can't wait to relax for few days until saturday must do revision for final.

Walao-eh, super stress, but i think i learn alot in this semester loh !!!

ok, back to memorizing stats now !!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

feeling Blair

everyone knows how much i love SERENA alot more than blair.... But recently, i am feeling really Blair
Today, i am super upset, i couldn't do my work properly, because first time in my uni life, i fail my essay, LUCKILY,its a second year paper, not third year paper. But, i am still very upset.

i am not sure if loving gossip girl consider as shallow, i am still loving it. OK, the fact that i am feeling Blair is because not getting good marks of me is just like how blair not getting into yale. It's sooo................dissapointing, and feel so dark about my future. but after u look back of what you did, maybe it is just not that bad, u are still going to have a good life.
Also, i love headband, i think i might not wear headband nicely like how blair wears, but i am still going to buy a lot of (cheap) headbands. I am not sure, am i too childish like blair? thinking headband is like a tiara, but i feel good having the 'tiara' with me. Since i am really poor right now, i realise if i go straight to the 'discounted corner' in sportsgirl, i will spot pretty good stuff with great deal instead of going to the 'new arrival section'. Because i bought myself a lace hairband and a flower brooch for 7aud today GASP. :D
If intelligence is not about studying, i think i want to become a seamstress. SERIOUSLY

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am young

I think i have very serious princess syndrome ... i got gong zhu bing dy.....
I went to allanah hill feeling very high !!!!!

Now .... i promise myself, before i am 30, i want to as many nice dresses as i possibly can, because i am young ......

nothing dy ...... i am boring with this blog skin dy ... someone wants to help me not ?