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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I realise.....

Most blogger (especially female) are very commercial. Is like whateva they posts was just doing for the sake of money. i.e. go to wateva party, got invited to somewhere, trying to promote something given by the company, so annoying

And not like they really share some insight of their own, the most also like 'so emo today' , 'not feeling well' , ' i love XXX so much, muacks'. Like they don't even have their own identity on blogging. I have no idea why they are even famous. So if you categorize their blog, it is like 70% of commercial posts and then 30% of their own post. And with that 30%, they will like:

'today i went to xxxx with xxxx, and then we wait for xxxx, xxx is so slow that we are nearly late for xxxx. After we reach there, we saw xxxx, and you know what, i am so xxxx , so does xxxx. *then show a few pictures* For dinner, we had xxxx, but then not after a while, xxx call us up to join xxx for xxxx, i was really tired but decided to have some fun, so xxxx drove us to there, xxxx, i had fun tonight "


I really like cheesie did with her blog: she is a fashion blogger, and she also share some of her insights and thing like that. Although her blog is bimbo, but there's a reason for me to view her blog every time, and the thing is you really read something useful or informative from the blog itself. Some other really good blogger like kennysia, etc (you know others lar, they are like damn famous or what) But you know how some semi-famous blogger, keep posting their hot body like not sure if  I should stare at their body or read their post. I mean i can't deny the body is quite hot lar, but are you trying to sell your blog with your body ? Is like the only reason for me to go back for their blog is to see her body. (as a cheap tactic, that works actually) And then her caption will be like 'look at my fatty tummy', so her comment will be something like 'you look so nice with your body, you are not fat  at all'. BLAH BLAH BLAH, shut up lah !!!

I am not even  sure how nuffnang chose these blogger. Oh, maybe because they are pretty and cute, and keep camwhore, that's why rite ? Or because they have been blogging for ages, although those are craps, but doesn't matter, because most advertising companies want hot body and famous bloggers that have bunch of brainless and really bimbo follower. 

And you know what happen when some anonymous criticize the blogger, the blogger will post some wisdom phrase on their blog, as if they have high EQ, and then the followers 'comment will be like 'don't worry, he/she is just jealous with you because you are so pretty'. Like everyone  who criticizes you actually jealous you, cheers lah.

p/s: sorry for this angry post, i am not really angry, just want to criticize some brainless blogger in Malaysia. But after all, i don't like their blogging style doesn't mean they are not good, just my very very personal opinion.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The art of smoking

Ok lah, is not like i am going to teach you how to smoke or encourage you to smoke, but it's just my mini teeny opinion on smoking. I guess by the time you finish reading this posts, you will be realize I am just writing crap...

Do you have close friend who smokes? Or someone you hang out very often who smokes, not like heavy smoker, like just 'social smoker'?

Because I do, and I have plenty of them. If you don't have, can you try to imagine you have one, like your closest friend, or someone like your idol / someone who inspires you smokes ? Probably someone like Coco Chanel.

AHHA !! Someone like COCO CHANEL actually smokes. 

I am pretty sure she inspired a lot of young women today , although she smokes, you still like her, don't you? But the fact that you like her is because she is an awesome designer, you won't hate her just because she is smoking, right? Just like most how most women wants to be a French women, because they are elegant, yet most of them smoke. 

Carrie Bradshaw smokes too, but you still like her in SATC.
Do you get what i mean up to this point .....  (I think you don't, so i will elaborate more)

You won't hate somebody because he/she smokes, you hate him/her for other things, but you will use 'because he/she smokes' to increase your hate-o-meter to that person.

I had 2 lectures, one is a French lecture for linguistic and another local Australian lecture for Psychology. Apparently, i love the French lecture because she was so kind and clear when she is lecturing (she is still my favorite lecture up until today), and i hate the Pscyh's lecture because she is so not good, and so does her personality (she is also my least favorite lecture up until today, sigh.....). So when my junior ask me how's the psych's lecture, i will just say : she is not good, and you know what? she smokes', and my junior will be like 'har, really ar !!'

So apparently, 'smoking' is associated with 'negative behavior'. If someone's personality is good, he/she is less like to be associated with 'smoking'.. It is also human innate to be some kind of bias, so there's no one to blame.

Ok, the thing is if you have close friend who is smoking, it is less likely to you quit your friendship, (or at least in my case) but  what you will do  is to give advice, if they can't stop, you can't do anything (and at least in my case, i won't)

And then up until this point, you will argue: But it's not fair mah, how about the 2nd hand smoker?

Ya, right. If apparently, someone nearby you smokes on some public location, you can actually walk few steps away so that you won't get  to inhale the smoke.

But then now you will bitch me like 'wah, but there are places that is too pack or too small that  I can never avoid' 

Haiz..... instead of cursing that person or bitching to your friend about that asshole, I would actually recommend you to tap on that someone' shoulder and ask him/her to stop smoking because you are not feeling comfortable (or probably go to somewhere else to smoke)

If you can't even take any action to stop people to smoke, I don't think you should 'judge' smoker = bad people. (But after all, judging happens all the time, I hope I won't judge you because you judge other people)
Just because someone is doing something you don't like, doesn't mean he/she is doing wrongly. If you think they are wrong, help them; if you can't help them, stop saying they are wrong.

I can't deny 2nd hand smoker is very very innocent, knowing I'll be the 2nd smoker, I have to learn to protect myself. My friend who smokes will respect me by going further or even ask if I am ok if they smoke.

And you, who reading this, knowing you are a 2nd hand smoker, you should know how to protect yourself in anytime, instead of keep blaming the smoker, because ....

P/S: I didn't know i will end up so long.
p/p/s/: this post is writing on a 2nd hand smoker perspective, or rather, my own perspective. 
p/p/p/s: kind of inspired from xiaxue's post of anti smoking, but i disagree in someway.
p/p/p/p/s: I think this post is going to be a bit controversial, I hope someone can tell me more ways to protect myself from becoming a 2nd hand smoker

Friday, September 24, 2010


study break 已经开始,可是很多烦恼突然冲向我来,还来不及反应,又有新的挑战。
自己出来住, 金钱和精神上都要自己努力
这个时候,只希望家人和身边的人平平安安,顺顺利利,健健康康,最重要是吃得饱,睡得好, 还有够穿就好。

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ultimate guide to a semi-famous blogger (for female)

Like just Femez, not like xiaxue kind of famous.
Like erm...... the traffic is good enough to earn some income. but not good enough to earn you too many luxury trips....
You get what i mean rite? Like, semi-femez ??
I thought being a blogger must have pretty high level of writing standard, critical thinking, creativity, being sensitive with the current affair and things like that, but not really good at socializing (because they keep staring in front of PC??)

It turns out quite different, most bloggers are quite good at socialising. I then realize you don't really need to have high language ability (i.e. free grammar error) or be creative or be anything good, as long as you fullfill any 4 criteria and above, i am pretty sure you can be a semi-famous blogger

Ok, here comes the guide....

1.Be really good at photoshopping.  Like why bother dieting when you can photoshop, right? Or even better, try to use your photoshop skills to uglify other blogger you hate. Once the other blogger see it, they will start bitching you in their blog, and hence, you are famous, VOILA

2. Post your luxury/designer stuff

Owh..... you don't own any designer.... don't worry, you can......
a. borrow from your friends/your mum/ you cousie, etc. Worst, you don't have any rich friends ???
b. copy and paste using paint , like me...............

You don't even need photoshop to do that, with the cutting and pasting, you can just say they are yours. I mean after all, who knows? But keep in mind, most successful/rich bloggers don't boast about their luxury stuff. (They are really humble people, right?) They don't really bother taking this pictures, these bags normally come like a hidden background in the picture (i.e.behind the blogger)

Like really hidden if you can spot ....................................................

3. dare to be sexayy...

like really sexaayyyyy, YO !!!
Not to forget to upload your pictures of clubbing, being bootilicious and boobilicious!!

4. Upload your picture of you kissing with your bf 

and then the comment will ask you to stay sweet with your bf, hence, increasing traffic....... Because reader wants to know how long(or short) your relationship last........

5. Be more mature then your age, but really good at make up, such as

 CHUCKEI (18 )

Kmaey (17)

6. Tell the story of you and your bf, even though nobody ask you....

7. State how much and where you get every piece of your outfit, even though nobody ask you.....
Like you know how everybody does it in lookbook
And then complain how fugly the outfit is

8. Must use smartphone
i.e. Blackberry, Iphone, Android, etc. Because you need to keep checking your traffic and keep tweeting. And at the same time, have to take picture of like 'i am busy tweeting with BB'

9. Must camwhore all..................... the time, and you even state that in your blog 'i love camwhore, who doesn't'
then must make it very alluring

(even though you epic phailed)

And then the comment will be something like 'wah, you are soo.... slim, any diet tips' etc. etc.

10. Own a polaroid 
This is a pretty new trend actually .... But i reckon you need polaroid, because DC is soo.... uncool now

11. Being emo..... 
Take emo picture (The overall lighting must be dark) and say emo stuff like

So far i am still keeping the good attitude on blogging, and i am not sure how famous i can be.... I hope this guide help you to become a good blogger. If it doesn't  help you, you help me, k ? 

p/s: I am pretty sure I have offended a few bloggers in this posts, if i do, i am sorry. If sorry is not enough, fine, just bitch about me in your blog, and i think i am willing to accept. If i can't accept, i think i will just close my blog. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Animal should not be part of fashion

Being a Lady Gaga fans, I actually kind of like her dressing style. Maybe some people thought it was overdressed or things like that, but I thought it was just simple creative and gorgeous. She kind of open up a new fashion industry, more and more artists are trying to follow her 'overdressed-style', like Rihanna & Katy Perry :D (Or I am the only one to think like that??? no offense to other artists ).

But then ....
This is not something I favored.
I think it's very rude to wear in this way, especially if someone is vegetarian at that time.
Many people know how cruel is to wear fur, or animal product stuff on your body. I don't even dare to watch video on this stuff.
And Lady Gaga, the idol of most people, especially me, is setting up a really bad behavior. Can you imagine how if this style expands, and everybody keep killing animal just to wear like Gaga, ewwww............
This has been pretty controversial ..... 
Apparently, she angers animal rights group,  

Moreover, a blog post from Flying Creations, see how they treat the tiger in A'famosa.
I am not really good on telling people to stop using animal-related products, but i think pictures speak a thousand words :D

It's not even hard to find this pictures in google, it just take courage....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am so free this few days that i didn't go to school,
But i realise i have got nothing to blog after telling my sister that i want to be a famous blogger, WTF?
I am not inspired in anyway to write anything, how ?
Probably show you some bimbo pictures of me in case you miss me 

Friday, September 10, 2010

The thing about Amber Chia

I'm sorry if i tried to use any appealing keyword (i.e. Amber Chia in this case) to increase my blog traffic. Grrr.... i don't care, i want my traffic.

Shhrrr.... back to the topic.

This first time i know Amber Chia was like, I don't know, ages ago? The first impression was like she won one of the prestigious model competition, was that the Guess one? I remember seeing her big poster in some of the KL store, it was hard not to notice her because she had the 'ummmpppphhhh' feeling. Paris Hilton was on the poster as well which i don't even want to look at her twice.

I don't really like/hate her at the beginning until much later i realize most models are brainless and dumb-ass  and things like that. One of my friend told me 'the law of modeling' is to sleep with  the manager or the boss or whoever earn the most in order to be a well-known model. I guess i am not the only one who heard this. So the manager sleep with a lot of model and Amber could be one of it that pay the price and then become famous. So she was lucky because most didn't get famous even they sleep around

No offense, really, that was when i am super super naive....

The thing was my not-so-like-her attitude lasted for quite a long time. Because i thought she was nothing big except in Malaysia. You can't compare her with other supermodel like Lily Cole, Anja Rubik, etc. right? Then i realize she was taking most commercial in the country when she could go beyond this place. One of the commercial that made me stunned was a rice commercial (Was that jasmine rice?).

My first reaction was like 

 'a flashing meteor (not the meteor garden -______-), the golden period already passed, she had to take this kind of commercial to earn her living'

But then as time passes, i realised she was more then an AMBER CHIA.
Like more than something.....something.... that i can't explain (Sowwwiieee for my limited vocabs)

I am assuming she wasn't raised with English speaking family..............

and then until this stage where she can .................

I would say that was a pretty massive improvement.

Also assuming she doesn't received any prestige education (like me, ehem), i can see she never stop learning from the beginning until today. 

I am not sure why she wants the stay at Malaysia when she could go beyond this point, but i am sure she had her reason. And this is also why she earn her respect from most Malaysians.

I mean, helloo??? even Jimmy Choo only had one' mini' store in KL, kay? Singapore has like 4 stores and Indonesia has like 2 stores.

I didn't know many things about Amber Chia, as how she had her success up to today. But i think she is a good learner that never stop learning. And from what i heard from other people, she is like super humble and down to earth that she is willing to take photo with everyone even after her event.

Which i was very surprising at first..............Because i thought all models are self-centered and LCLY, or am i the only one to think like this ??

Last thing, who said pregnant lady can't work, i don't see Amber ever stop working even she's pregnant. So, all the rich tai tai or any young lady thought 'i should not do anything because I AM PREGNANT'

No, no such thing, kay? You just have to take care yourself doesn't mean you have to sleep all day.

If Amber is reading this post, i really want to tell you, Malaysia is so proud of having you. I hope i can meet you in person and give you a hug.

If she is not reading this post, then ...... she is not reading lar .......

p/s: With Amber Chia Academy opening, i am so happy there's such school in Malaysia, if i am not studying, i might join this Academy. I mean i could win a chance to NY fashion week, why not give it a try.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My blog was not officially 'open' because i am not 'ready', i know, it sounds so silly, but then, i keep checking my nuffnang to see if there are other people miraculously view my blog, even if only for one second, or maybe just 'misclick', i am happy enough.

And surprisingly, this is for today

and the keyword is.....

Remember one of my sisters' blog on letting people to view your blog, you must have some appealing keywords such as 'iphone4', 'xiaxue', 'super junior', 'dumbass Serene Van Der Woodsen'......

ok, enough is enough, don't use this trick to let people click your blog. (And apparently this works :D)

For the anonymous (from singapore), i am not sure if you will come back my blog another time or if you are too shy to leave a comment (or my blog is just sooo effing sickening), thank you for your one click.

It's a big step out for me to blog consistently as i don't like to expose myself too much, or, i am TOO SHY (ahem ahem). But i will continue blogging and i hope i can post interesting stuff

Little did i know, there were also click from US *gasp*, how sweet ?

p/s: i know this posts sounds so loser, but this little clicks mean a lot to me and motivates me to keep blogging

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mandarin pop, really?

Few weeks back when people are sharing Hebe (from S.H.E) 's new song - 寂寞寂寞就好. And everyone seems to like this song, i then clicked in and listened, considering the fact that i don't listen to mandarin song nowadays and i reckon HEBE had pretty good attitude since i know her, i kind of give this song a 'chance' by taking my time to listen it.   Not because i am hypocrite or what, but i think mandarin song is getting worst (no offense ar) The tune of that song never make much sense to me, as well as the title, wtf is 寂寞寂寞就好?

Half way through the song i close the window, because if i don't like it, i don't listen it. Surprisingly, i read lyrics and then .....

还是原来那个我 不过撂掉几公升泪所以变瘦
对着镜子我承诺 迟早我会换这张脸应对笑容
不算什么 爱错就爱错
早点认错 早一点解脱

寂寞寂寞就好 这时候谁都别来安慰拥抱
就让我一个人去痛到 受不了伤到快疯掉
死不了就还好   <------------------------WTF ??
寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用来我回忆里微笑
我就不相信我会笨到 忘不了赖着不放掉
人本来就寂寞的 借来的都该还掉

还是原来那个你 是我自己做梦你又改变什么
再多的爱也没用 每个人有每个人的业障因果
会有什么 什么都没有
早点看破 才看的见以后

寂寞寂寞就好 这时候谁都别来安慰拥抱
就让我一个人去痛到 受不了伤到快疯掉
寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用来我回忆里微笑
我就不相信我会笨到 忘不了赖着不放掉
人本来就寂寞的 我总会把你戒掉

Can i know why the hell that this song is so effing emo ar?
Can't you just sing something more motivated, do you know how much you tried to make people moody and emo.
It's like people nowadays were not emo enough, then she has sing an emo song so that the emo-o-meter will increase until they feel like committing suicide ?
I am sorry if i have offended any of Hebe's fans, i kind of like her too, but this song and this lyrics, no way i will listen again.
Oh, also jolin's new song, really sucks, i prefer her previous song.
so does lee-hom, although not bad compare to most so-called famous artists, but his standard is also dropping. Not a song that i will want to listen again and again..................
The only one i will listen is Fang Da Tong, love him to max

Generally, I think mandarin pop is like ....... deteriorating

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Blackberrian :D

Short updates......

Cute rite ?