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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am not sure why i am even blogging when i am struggling with my bloody psychology report
I think everyone day dream.....don't tell me you don't, k ??
I always hope i am in one of those in gossip girl, i know it sounds childish and shallow for a soon to be 21 lady like me ......... even sometimes i feel stewpid bout it. (because after all, i still look in my purse)
Because i have this supa unique characteristic of thinking to become the upper class family. anyone, or any random person i saw who has this kind of characteristic, i will definitely keep staring them, and thinking how good if i can be like them. BUT, recently, i realise there were two kinds of people that i f***ing hate in the upper class.

1) SHE IS RICH, TALL, AND BASICALLY FIT IN ANY CLOTHES THAT I'VE BEEN CRAWLING and buying them seems supa easy. I mean, hello ????? how can u be so perfect ??? Because i understand that even sometimes i am rich, i can't fit in all the designer clothes because they are for super-model. And this kind of people, they basically FIT IN 99.99999% OF IT, the 0.00000001% cannot fit just because the clothes run out of sizes. And the fact is that, this young lady i am talking, she is my friend. She doesn't need to try on the clothes one leh !!!!!

'there're no clothes she can't fit, there'r only clothes she doesn't want'

2) second is even more d*l*n than the first one. She is fat and rich, and she can't fit in any clothes, but she seems to have them all. And you know you can look 10000000 times better than her, but after all, you don't really want to compare with her lar........ waste time only.

i talked about this with my friend the other day, she say this kind of person is a 'tragic' - everyone knows she is fugly.

There're no clothes she can fit, only clothes she want

That's it !!!!