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Monday, June 28, 2010

instax mini

i saw this in babyvon's blog, i so want to get it, but the film is quite expensive :(

i think i will get this

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pictures matter ??

do quality picture in order to have a good blog? reason i never post picture because i don have image with DSRL (or is that DSLRor what ??) quality to post on my blog. As i myself don't read blog with no picture or bad quality pictures, so i reckon no one will read my blog because i don't have pretty pictures to show off my awesomeness,rite?

Monday, June 14, 2010

3 ladies in a house

Y 3 ladies, because i dont really treat jay as a guy literally, haha :D
I've been staying with this sissy since i started my uni, and we basically talked about everything, and he always appear to be more wisdom then me, y ar??

I was complaining about my marks for this semester, it was all very bad and i am very very unhappy with it. I told jay i actually realise i learn alot in this semester, which if i never joined uni, i wouldn't have the change to exposed with those stuff (those stuff = very scientific and very not me stuff). then i complained why my assingment mark makes me feel like i never learn anything from uni when i think i did ??

He then wisdomly tell me (by touching his long moustache at the same time) says that's why there is such thing as technical school, where people prove their ability to the world by not using word, but action !!! (FUYOOHHHH)

Then even before that i told him i really like psychology, but i am exhausted, and i am not happy learning it, and i sometimes have to 'force' myself 'liking' it because i chose this path at the beginning :( I know i will be happy but why i am not that happy.

He then tell me had i seen any student who admitted really happy during their school life (exception for those school leavers who says they enjoy school life). Most people tend to say they enjoy school life after they leave the school, which was useless. But which student will really really enjoy uni life like they thought when they were in high school ?? Why ar ? do we blame education? because we become a slave for the marks instead of 'enjoy learning'? or do we blame ourself for not being motivated and not learning to appreciate our 'present' life?

i think what i learn in this sem was fascinating, considering me not science background student, i started to like to know more about my brain. But my marks make me feel like i did not do my best when i did.

when planning for a new strategy was important, i think the toughest is reviewing your old strategy and buil your new one to reach your goal was hardest, because i have been doing constantly, and i am still wondering WTF i am doing with my school.

p/s: i am very pissed with UWA lecture, seriously, i paid you and i word so hard earning credit and join this Uni, but then i realise the lecture themself is not doing their best to help the student, which was disspointed and understand why UWA could not climbed up to top50 in the world rank.
p/p/s: and UWA was once in the top60 now were only 84th. It was one of a best MED AND LAW school in OZ, and they had a nobel prize, seriously ???
p/p/p/s:i know my title was inconsisten with my content, FML :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

fag my life

walao, still viewing blogshops when i should study for my final~~
the thing is i don't like asian blogshops (mostly, not all)
because they take the picture from others (i.e. from china's manufacture), and the quality is not guaranteed, then you have to know you will not wear it as nice as the model
I came through few ang moh's blogshop i really like, i will constantly update this post from time to time(because i duno where to keep the url, in case next time when i got money i will buy from them, i will refer this post) GEEZ:


basically everything of everything of everything of everthing........................

reasonable price with clothe you can't get at local store

price was ok but stock moves super fast, so konpem must act fast lor. Suggest to buy with few friends to save shipping cost

again, price was quite good, the shop is on ebay, trust me, alot of bidder bidding for it. the bad thing was even the price was ok, it turns out too many bidder that makes the price slighly pricey lo...... try your luck though

p/s* my definition for 'ok price' is not more than 70aud/USD, which is around RM210. For me this price is okay if the dress is unique, but maybe consider quite expensive for local malaysian.

p/p/s* Jay is moving back with ME, i am so happy with his back, because he will pay me high rent, meaning i can shop online after exam ~~~~ YAY !!!