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Saturday, July 31, 2010

wo shi serene rin

If i bought iphone4, i will blog more often because i will take more pictures (because taking DC daily is very inconvenient lor). If when i write always write blog and then i become famous, i don't think i will earn a lot from advertorials. Because i don't do make up, hence no make up review; i don't dye my hair, hence no hair product review, i don't wear colour lense, hence no color lense review, etc..... i might not turn myself in to a 'fahion blogger', like introducing where to get every piece of outfit i wear(and state the price), because i don't really have any interesting outfit except like my future fans ask me where lah (waseh....... like i will be famous litat). Also, don't expect me to camwhore and say 'do you like my hair today', or 'i use dolly wink no.151254541 fake eye lash for today, i like it a lot, muackxxxx.'

Ok lah, that was too much, i don't do make up doesn't meani don't like make up products, i like to play with at the counter lah. Also, i don't mind doing skin care products review if i become famous lor.
Oh, in case you miss me

This is pretty much a boring blog lor ........................

yeah, BORINGness

Gossip Girl Season 4

GG4 is releasing soon (on PPS). I know i will continue criticise the drama and then complain how dumb is Serene. So i might as well share some photos from this bimbotic US drama lah. I think in terms of fashion ar, it is not wearable and nice compare to season one. Remember how i used to remember how they match their clothes and how to wear the boots and what headband to buy, and bah bah bah......

p/s: JENNY is out because Chuck fucked her dy.

Lily: Her boobs so kemek and like dropping down litat. She wasnt litat for the previous episode lor, what did she do lah ??

Dumbass Serena with her i-think-very-ugly dress lor. She looks like monster, but some people thought its gorgeous, different POV lor ...
i thought the top was really nice lah, but the shoe, seriously, did you even consider that as a fashion item?? (I don take puachookang-like boots and UGG to my wardrobe) - i think this is Blake lively, Not SERENA, not sure with this though.

This is Leighton Meester, not Blair.Oh my god, i like her more than Serena now, I know leighton herself wear like super casual when she is not working, or so she said in Cosmopolitan

Chuck and his new Girlfriend. Eveveryone should be happy because he is not dead (double high 5). That girl is not pweeeetyy but not ugly, i like her figure. But in renren, a lot of people said she very ugly. See lah, Chinese people like to criticise people just because they think B & C should be together.

See Blair outfit so nice, so is the umbrella. This is that kind of outfit i would wear lor.

Hahah, at last Serena looks nice dy. I think this matching super aussie lor, but i think the bag doesn't match.
Queen B with dress.....WAIT, wearing slipper =.=!!

Serena outfit so nice, although i wouldn't wear it, but i think she fits in perfectly.

This is so OMFG nice. I think its from Moschino and i heard it costs around 20grand USD lah, WTF, i must sew this for myself when i do sewing next time.

Serena ass-ilicious ass. Blair dress is from CHANEL, omfg lah

Overall, i like leighton more and more now. Blake is getting fatter i think....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr.bean's car

You know you ever laughed at Mr.Bean's 3 wheeled car ?
It was classic all the way :D And often Mr.bean's car hit into other car like his car is really good. I was watching TopGear and it was fucking hilarious

Now you know it's not that easy to drive that car, wakakkakkaak

Friday, July 23, 2010


Finally back to Perth, But my hearts stays at MLK still :D Aiya, so many things to do that i keep procrastinate. Need to go back school and fix so many things that i don't feel like doing, haih.

By the way, i had a hair treatment with my mum on Wednesday, the thing is, this treatment was a cheap one, so i din't expect anything good from it. But there was this staff (who i know she is a daughter of the Bukit Beruang photocopy shop), who sucks from the beginning to the end. First, she ask if i am my mum cousin, and i said i am my mum's daughter lah. Then she was like,
'oooh, really, you guys don't look alike lah' (i'm like, WTF). Then continue with some crap i don't even bother and then said 'you guys look like sister lor'. (im like super WTF)
ELLO!! you know it is very rude to speak like this, it's like you are trying to say i am too old ?? (law of service, you never ever comment your clients' appearance, age, education, etc lor)Then fine lah, because she can't speak well. Then she washed my hair,follow by massage, and massage, and massage....... and then i realise, is she massaging or washing my hair ?? SERIOUSLY??

Then, fine lah, continue with washing my hair. She basically take half the time to wash my hair compare with other saloon i went. Which i then suspect if my hair is clean. Ok, then we started the treatment. It was fine then and have to re-washed my hair again, and then similarly, she washed it really fast. I din't complain because my mum was paying, so if my mum is not doing anything,i wont do anything.

Continue with hair drying, which turns out, SUPER DUPER WTF, she basically never make my hair completely dry, my fringe was ruined by her. I'm like fine lah. Then on the car, i show my mum while touching my hair, it was all oily and disgusting, super fagging disgusting.

Of cuz i went back to wash it again lor....feeling disgusting and vomitting, haiz ~

p/s: i know it is a sucky post, but my sister told me writing blog will improve my english wor ~ so i want to write a lot of crap lo
p/p/s: i wanted to take a picture, but realise the lighting was ugly, so...yeah ......