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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


10 things I just want to write out

  1. I really hate the feeling of nothing to do after exam, I must feel occupied, therefore I tried to engage myself in looking forward returning to Malaysia and going to China.
  2. We need to be poor in order to be rich, we need to miss something in order to get something.
  3. A house, need to a bit messy to be warm
  4. A kitchen, need to be a bit oily and disgusting, to be fulfilled. I feel happy cleaning up the kitchen, meaning I did cooking throughout the semester
  5. We need to leave a place, in order to know how meaningful is the previous place, to appreciate, to love, and to miss. 
  6. The end of something, is always, is always, the beginning of something
  7. Always look at others' flaws, and be proud of yourself, and be happy; Always learn from others, to know how much you flawed. 
  8. It's the end of the year already, everything pass so fast, gosh 
  9. hmmmm...
  10. I think that's it 

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