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Monday, November 15, 2010


So you know how there're the share articles running around facebook with the title 'I am pretending to be strong, I am actually week', 'I am so tired for acting strong', etc... And yes, today's post is going to be something like that.

It is nearly impossible to keep oneself happy for 24/7. According to 'The secret', everytime when one is in the 'blue' mood, the best way is to start thinking positive thought to generate happier feeling. But it is always really hard to be happy when everything around goes so fucking wrong, everytime when happiness is near, something bad will happen. No, I am not trying complain about how messy is my life.

The hardest in the world is believing myself. Thinking I am able to do really good when evidence showed nothing. And then you keep falling and falling again, where failure seems endless. So when negative events 'outshines' the positive. So even the positive events looks so tiny, and 'doesn't worth the happiness, as something worst is happening', right?

Saying all the positive phrase to others are not hard, hardest is to when I'm trying to apply those to myself. But I never stop saying positive phrase to others, because they will always tell me things I use to tell them.

And my task now, is learning to adjust my own mood back, align myself back to the right track, with no rush, take my time, shifting from the wrong to the right, from the right to better, from better to great.

p/s: According to someone, when you are not feeling good, writing out your feeling will help you to feel better, that's exactly where blog seems so useful

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