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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A day with Care Bear at Fremantle


So I went to a mini Fremantle trip today. The thing I like Perth is that, in part of taking it as my 'second home', there's always something I can do like a tourists, extra points today for the awesome weather. As many people had been saying Perth is always boring, laid-back lifestyle, I can ensure you Perth is like a place, where the longer you stay, the more you will be surprised.

Ok, so the day started with brunch at La Porchetta

 Highly recommended if you are travelling Perth with low-budget though

And yes, it was so yummy that could make me stunned :D 

Follow by that, I decided to go to timezone and saw the Care Bare catching Machine. You know, the machine that you thought they will cheat your money away, and so I decided to try my luck, 3 times of 1.20 dollar and here it is, the Happy Care Bear :D 

(My face damn red, like drunk or what)
And then the day preceded with  walking around, honestly, no target, just walk around  Fremantle like a free bird. So I am really sorry with my no description pictures. (mini p/s: Care Bear will be in all my photos)
 Ok, if u are curious about my outfit, I am going to tell where I get everything like a bimbo blogger. 

Top: Aud20 from a random boutique in Claremont, looks really expensive, but only 20dollar, so happy
Jeans: Levi's from Mid Valley, favourite Levi's outlet in M'sia. Around RM230 or what
Grey Singlet: RM40-50 at HangTen
Fake Ugly Chanel-Inspired Bag: Aud20, can pretty much get a better one in any blogshop
Ballet Flat: Discount at around AUD30-40 from Bardot. 

Ok lah, seriously my outfit has nothing special like most other fashionable blogger. 

 So windy and you can see my hair and face so mess up

Super big sub-marine, damn cool

 There was this cute love shape logo behind his butt, so cute

Fremantle is like really historical place with full off story behind every path. Most of my history-lover friends love Fremantle a lot as there are really a lot of things to be explored. I have no idea how to explain how I am fascinated with many things at here, because I am not a history-person, but Fremantle doesn't stop surprising me even I've been staying here for around 3 years. 

There are a lot of sculptures around Fremantle to pay respect to those great mens. I didn't bother to take many pictures of them because I don't really know them well and I didn't want to fake myself to like them by keep taking pictures with them. But I still respect those 'great mens' because they did such a good job on shaping WA. 

But then I saw this really nice sculpture which I felt really connect with. 

 So I posed with them because I also 'left their homeland to brave an unknown future of WA'. Hahah, no lah, WA is not unknown to me, but still 'left my homeland' right ??

Last one, I LOVE PERTH. You probably can't see how awesome is the scenery because I don't own a DSRL(or is that DSLR??), but it was plainly fucking awesome.

p/s: Why is that I never have that photogenic face, why is that I always look worse in photo than my actual face...haiz.... 


  1. that outfit. Buts seriously, do you have to reveal those bloody prices? So damn bimbo-tic.

    And most people actually don't look that photogenic. I mean, look at normal pictures, they're all just normal. The reason why some people look so photogenic is cos' they photoshop their pictures and I think you read far too many bimbo blogs so now you think that you don't look photogenic ad.

  2. Yes, totally agree, and yes, I am trying to be bimbotic, that's why I tried to reveal all the price, because 'some readers might be curious'