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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ahah !!

Nothing too informative, you could actually skip reading this post if you want. 

Was picking outfit for my upcoming 'social events' that makes me really excited despite being really late now. And yes, at last I sound like a normal human that I actually went out. Well, I did most of the time but just that nothing too happening like famous bloggers who got invited to the hottest party in town, I was known for being humble (cheh) 

The point is I do have 3 birthday parties coming up and I'm really excited that I could actually start to glam myself up a bit and dress up :D excited isn't it ?? 

Gees, wait for my post for those birthdays and I hope I could really take a lot of pictures to tell you I am actually a human with friends and fame. (given the fact that I was invited to birthday parties) 

P/S: wanted to take some pictures but realized my laptop webcam sucks and I don't want to ugly pictures and captioned " I look so ugly ". I only take pictures when I am really awesome, Kay ?? 

 (old pic, but posted it just so you remember how I looked) 

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