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Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 things a woman needs to invest on 2011

my blog, I am back from China. I don't feel like blogging anything in China. Not because it's not good, but because it's too good and there are too many that I can blog about.

 To date, China is probably not everyone's favorite place to tour compare to Japan, Korean or Europe countries. But to me, the trip is beyond awesomeness. I admit there are some stuff that I hated, but most of the time I really enjoy staying in China. Will blog about those stuff soon.

Okie... nuff said !!!

No. 10.


I am a super dull and boring person. So every time I buy something, I want to make sure it's something I will use any day, anytime, any where, and I will make sure I will use until the last bit of it. I am not an impulse buyer, I don't buy things that I will regret or things that goes with the trend. Timeless, classic item will always be my first choice. I personally favor Chanel a lot, but I think it takes a big courage for me to buy one as the ugly truth behind all these designer bags are animal abuse, etc.

A good bag doesn't mean it has to be the 'it' bag in the magazine. I have got a 20 dollar canvas bag that I use it everywhere and every time for more than 2 years, and I am still using it !! I haven't found the 'it' bag in my life, but with current bags that I owned, I am pretty sure I don't have to buy any handbags for the following 4-5 years.

no. 9


You know, the Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, etc. are all the shoeholic favorite. Sometimes trying all the shoes are so annoying, because each one looks just perfect for everything in your wardrobe. It was almost impossible to own just one heels to match everything, you need more than one to be a bit stylish and not too boring. But then remember how much all these shoe hurt you.

Owh, probably at this stage you will say like, it doesn't matter how much this shoes hurt me, I just have to get that, because it looks so sexy. Honestly, I am the one in million who doesn't mind to get a comfy but ugly shoe over the sexy high heels. My mum would get me something really expensive dull comfy mustard shoe and I totally love it.

I don't want to talk about this too long, because most people out there who are willing to sacrifice their health for the outer beauty, with most advice I gave are pretty pointless to them. As the old saying: you would take your health to exchange everything when you are young, and exchange everything for health when you are old

So I reckon, it's up to you to make the decision then.



To make it easy, knowledge spells b-o-o-k. If you could afford to dress yourself nicely outside, ask if you would also dress yourself nicely inside. And yes, buying books is definitely not cheap. I love kinokuniya in KLCC so much, but buying the awesome books there is just way too expensive

So, read more newspaper and read online. Never stop reading like you will never stop dressing



Any sports will do. Whether you do it for your own health, or do it for fun, or do it for fitting in the size 6 dress, never stop doing it, and never stop trying to do new sport. I cannot find the cons for doing sports, so why not? Yoga is my all time favourite, but pole dancing is beyond awesomness. If I've got extra time, will definitely do pilates in the near future.



Can anyone say no to awesome and healthy food? But then, controlling food intake is also extremely important. I am always the home-girls, who prefer to eat mummy's food over restaurant food. So if you  are not like me, start to do cooking, and then to control your own intake as you like. But one small tips is when you know you are eating junk food this meal, eat healthy or less for next meal to keep a good balance. There are a lot more advices and tips everywhere, and it is important to find your own eating style.


your heart

This is so general.....=.= I will try to make it into words. One thing I hate coming back to Malaysia, is that people tend to keep things to themselve and people doesn't like to share. The best example is during driving, why is that so hard to just let people cross your road. For once, start to train yourself to be a bit generous, and being generous doesn't take any effort


The poor

It's a very straightforward thing, but not much people will take the action. At 2011, we should really start to shop-smart, buy things that you need, not what you want, and share it to those who needs it more than you. At my age, it is probably not the best idea to donate money from some random foundation, but I would say the easiest way is to donate away your clothes for those who needs it more than you.



Killing a friendship takes a day, building a friendship takes forever. The easiest way to kill your friendship is not to contact your friend after leaving your school life. Trust me, I can see you nodding your head now. I had less friend each year I come back Malaysia, everyone is working, studying, busying. The best time is like only during CNY.

As much as I know, most people did not contact their old friend because everyone seems to have new life and thought they will be running out of topic with the old ones, which I admit it kinds of happen to me. But at the mean time, I am also trying my best the save the precious friendship I had.


your family

No idea how to put things into know what you should do.

p/s: If you see, I am missing out no.6.......Tell me what should be in no.6


  1. Shit....This post is so hypocrite and Miss.Malaysia

  2. haha.. before reading.. i thought invest in properties, shares and businesses.. haha.. nice list :)

  3. Nice post with good points =)

    At least you didn't say have a man on your hand etc =p